Fact: Everyone Likes Mexican Food

Make your guests happy with Mexican food catering in El Paso, TX

It can be hard to feed a crowd, but it's easy when you work with Delicious Mexican Eatery. We offer Mexican food catering services in El Paso, TX. There are several types of catering for you to choose from.

You can:

Order Mexican food to take out.
Order Mexican food for us to deliver.
Arrange for our Mexican buffet catering services.
Arrange for our waiter-style Mexican food catering services.

Planning an event with a bar? You can also book our bartending services. To get an estimate on food and service for your special occasion, call 915-566-1396 today.

What do delivery and catering typically cost?

We'll deliver food to you anywhere in El Paso, TX for a flat $20 fee, so you don't have to calculate anything complicated. For Mexican buffet catering, you can expect a typical cost of $50 for an hour and a half of work by two or more staff members. Each additional hour costs $25.

If you opt for waiter-style catering, you can hire one waiter for $9 per hour to serve up to 16 people. Our waiter or waiters will provide tablecloths, silverware, water and iced tea. Contact us now for more information.